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“Leaving from home for two years, on a boat, without any possibility to send a direct message to your family and travel the world together.”

That’s what my parents did way before I was born.

I did grow up with this kind of stories and dreams. But you know how life is : one day you became an adult, you find a job, a flat, a boyfriend, and it’s getting harder to leave. 
Nowadays, society keeps telling you that you are lucky if you have a job and that it would be stupid and dangerous to sacrifice it for traveling or to do
whatever makes you happy.
But you know what ? I m already an actress, how can I have any job less secure than this one ?

After more than ten years torturing myself, wondering if I would make it one day, I just did.
I quit everything I had, took the money I wanted to use for buying a house and used it to buy me the world !

I left my home in 2017, by myself and started to discover places I always dreamed about. I travel without any guidebook, any map. I just go, and I find a way to discover places by myself.
I took my laptop to be able to keep on writing movies, and step by step, the idea of sharing travel experiences came to me.
So, if you want to discover some of the places I enjoyed the most, you are in the right place !